acute vision

Permanent Staffing

We have developed several effective strategies to connect you to the required talent within no time.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Noida Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Be it a short term project or a long term business requirement, our HR team will provide the cream quality and skilled candidates for your organizational needs.

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Design & Writing Resume

It is important to note in this regard that resume formatting & writing services are fast becoming one of the perennial needs of companies and jobseeker.

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Human Resource Services

A managed HR service provides companies with access to the highest levels of HR expertise on-demand, and without the expense of hiring dedicated HR staff.

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payroll management agency in noida Payroll Management

AVC provides reliable services to companies in “Payroll Management”. Under this system companies recruit the manpower by themselves & put them into our payroll.

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Accounting & Tax Solution

We offer a full range of book keeping and accounting services for small to mid-sized businesses depending on your company’s needs. The various services offered by us include Accounting, Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT etc.

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