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Be it a short term project or a long term business requirement, our HR team will provide the cream quality and skilled candidates for your organizational needs. Under this system companies recruit the manpower by themselves /ourselves & put them into our payroll. We maintain them in our payroll and complying all statutory.  Also, though we are growing, we are able to maintain personal touch with all employees.

These factors result in a high rate of continuity and comparatively a low rate of exits. One of the major concerns of any sector is the high level of attrition, which is almost 70-80% in some companies. With temporary staffing, we are provided with a new employee as soon as one leaves the job. It is also effective for a company, which does not want to build expertise in the non-core operational areas.

Clients working with our Contract Staffing Practice have an option to offer permanent position to our temporary employees after assessing the employee’s skills, work ethics and ensuring that they fit into the company’s culture. In effect, the client is able to see a potential employee in action, before making a formal commitment.

Our Contract Staffing Practice provides specialized expertise for specific projects that do not require permanent employees. We also provide immediate support to workload increases or decreases, thereby, reducing the human resource and accounting burden associated with hiring employees in-house.

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